kiko401000 6 years ago

Can someone at least get me the lyrics to the chorus please :-)

Toyya Haywood 6 years ago

great track !! nice!!

Josie Centeno 6 years ago

Love the vibe of this track! *puts on repeat*

Mike Mitchell 6 years ago

Nice track.

Alison Crockett 6 years ago

Thanks for the love!!!

Carla Prather 6 years ago

Thanks to Loveslap and Galaxy Group for showing love! Nice collab!

Carla Prather 6 years ago

yesssssssssss yesssssssssss excelent music =)=)

Adrián Fernández 6 years ago

wow amazing!!

12MissFairy24 6 years ago

Deep n' Dope!!!

sOulFuL ViBe 6 years ago

ok got the groove at 32 seconds, love me some Ms. Prather, her voice is like honey. thanks for posting funkydiva222 :)

Moody Sutton 6 years ago

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