Behind The Groove
(SLAP020) Loveslap Track


  1. Behind The Groove Loveslap Track (Original Mix)
  2. Behind The Groove Loveslap Track (Lumslap Remix)


What can you say about a record that comes around once in a blue summer moon? The type of song that equally sums up the sound and feeling of a movement, while commanding dance floors to reminisce of long days at Body and Soul and the house party that never ended. Charles Spencer and Nick Santillan appear as Behind The Groove, and challenge you to raise the bar with this organic masterpiece. Flip the record over to the B side and you get a complete reworking by Moulton’s Chrs Lum. Featured on Loveslapped volume 2 and one of the biggest records of the summer of 2003, this timeless masterpiece is the perfect addition to your house collection.