Matty Harris
(SLAP032) The New Me EP


  1. Matty Harris Lick Everything
  2. Matty Harris Gone Again


Lick Everything – New Loveslap signing , Matty comes with some serious Chicago esoteric House. This 12″ is deeply schooled in the Moodyman style of Cut-up house , of course with Matty’s own unique spaced out approach and style . Witty cut up Spoken word, teamed with disonant Keyboards and jump-up drums makes this one ” house music for the intellectuals “. Not to say it won’t get the floor moving , becuz it will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s always refreshing to hear a new producer’s take on what his or hers angle of what a certain genre of music sounds like in their ears/eyes. Trust me , once you hear this project , you’ll definitely want to know what else flows from the deepest regions of this interesting musical mind. Gone Again ( Wanderer ) – Mr. Harris once again takes his unique approach to house music to a more sensual soulful level , this time incorporating some of his own singing to liven things up. This track has an old school appeal to it with it’s pitched up female vocal snippets bouncing to and fro , and the lush piano stabs pulling it all together. Tastemakers will surely be infusing this one in their DJ sets to get that Head Nod effect. Let’s hope no one hurt’s themselves while they’re enjoying it