Evolving Doors
(SLAP033) Vegas


  1. Evolving Doors Vegas
  2. Evolving Doors Conversation


VEGAS – Aaaaaaahhhhhh Vegas !!!!!!!! Sin City , Land of Excess , Debauchery and Secrets ” LOTS OF SECRETS” !!!!!!!!! New Loveslap Artist Signing ” Evolving Doors ” , give you their own Twisted take on the town that Sinatra built !!!!! This song could be absolutely HUGE, it has all the makings ( I mean couldn’t you just imagine seeing Paris Hilton dancing to this in some over priced VIP section of some club. ……….” that’s Hot !!!! ) The Electro Breaks Booty Bassed influence gives it the seedy feel of a wild night on the Strip. MC Hawk perfectly slithers over the song with the agility of a cobra, ready to strike at some unsuspecting innocent girl , who has no clue for what she’s in for. You wanna see the Freaks come out on the dancefloor , play this one and watch what happens. So to borrow a pun, ( What Happens in the Club stays in the Club. ) B1: Conversation – You can almost immediately know when a song has been influenced by Prince. In fact anyone who does music and at any point in their musical life has NOT had a Purple One epiphany is quite frankly not the kind of person I would care to hang out with !!!!!!!!!!!! Conversation is just quite plainly a song about getting in the MOOD. The ART of Seduction has never sounded sexier………. atmospheric synths , whispery vocals and heavy breathing put to music….the BIG 3 Ingredients of a Baby Making song !!!!!!!!