Heather Johnson
(SLAP046) You and me


  1. Heather Johnson You and me Galaxy Group mix
  2. Heather Johnson You and me 1200 Warriors Remx
  3. Heather Johnson You and me 1200 Warriors Dubs


Another Heather heater, brand new for you’?? The voice and poetry behind ‘Pillow Talk’ and ‘Pretty’ has returned with another timeless number sure to strike a chord with fans of her songwriting and vocal style. Heather Johnson’s ‘You and Me’ was originally conceived as a stripped down, down-tempo acoustic ballad. The release includes two immensely varied versions. First is Galaxy Group’s mix which moves in the soulful R&B direction ‘?? a sparse showcase for Heather’s vocals. The second set of mixes done by 1200 Warriors illustrate why the NYC duo receives such consistently high praise for their production work. Their mix is funky, bouncy peak-hour vocal house. The release has received a lot of support from a who’s who of house’s flag bearers, including Tony Humphries, Frankie Knuckles, Johnny Fiasco, Demarkus Lewis, JT Donaldson, Miss Honey Dijon, and DJ Phatman, among others. Hector Moralez :”can’t go wrong with 1200″ John Larner:”Feelin this one! I’ll be playing it FO SHO! nice one guy’s” DJ Heather:”Nice track. The Warriors come through again. Look forward to rocking this out” Charl Chaka:”yah i like this. perfect for the summer days, my bar sets and warmup sets. full support on radio” Dj Consuelo:”Nice and Breezy. Definitely reminds me of some good old vibes from back in the day.” Jeff Craven:”great vybe…i agree with demark on this..reminds me of a early 90s jam…yes yes reminds me big time of the rosie gaines!! loopy and tight and wonderful…full support from large” Edground: “Very nice! Full support on my radio show. Obrigado.” Brent Laurence: “dope. feeling this big time bro.” DJ Mannix:”sonds very promosing indeed! Mannix” Aaron Ross: “love it ! RNB HOUSE !” S.U.M.O: “thanks sounds sweet but to much rnb for me” Heather Heart: “Nice, bouncy feel good house music. Love it!” Demarkus Lewis: “Very smooth vocal bits .. beats remind me of early 90’s pre-funky house days when everything was raw and untainted.. very nice indeed!!!” Tony Cano: “Love it! Support from the Cano Bros, GottaHaveHouse.Com, & The Groove Dj Pope: ” Loving Heather’s voice nice track” Matty Harris: “hot and scortchy, maniacle groovin man ,ya.” Tony Humphries: “Very nice soulful female vocal.. It will be played for sure during our summer tours.. Many thanks!” Barry King: “COOL JAMM” Johnny Fiasco: “killer production guys.. I like! polished.. funky and supa-tight!” Honey Dijon: “a funky piece of house!” Dj Clarence: “Thanks Charlie,Hope you’re doing swell. Muchas Gracias for the track Henri Kohn: “proper groover charles. like it, will play.