Galaxy Group
(SLAP053) Afrodiziak

Release Credits

Produced by: Galaxy Group

Written by: A. Green, C. Spencer

Piano by: Darwin Noguera

Vocals by: Antoine Green

Percussion by: Rafael Moraes (courtesy of Yoruba Records)

Sax and Flute by: Alex Murzyn Bass by Bill Dickens

Additional keyboards by: Charles Spencer

Published by: Loveslap Music (ASCAP)

(p) 2010 Loveslap Recordings


  1. Galaxy Group Afrodiziak
  2. Galaxy Group Afrodiziak (Dub)


Hot on the heels of “Don’t Play” and “Out Of Control”, Galaxy Group (consisting of Capitol A and Charles Spencer) return with another tasty treat for the dancefloor.  Afrodiziak features sizzling piano work from Chicago Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble (CALJE) bandleader Darwin Noguera.

Osunlade: this makes me move..definitely a classic!

Carlos Mena: Lovin


Mark Farina: Sweet deepness

Julius Papp: Quality all the way! Quality all the way! Love it! Thank you!

Fred Everything: Very nice and musical. Brings me back to good ol West London days with the jazz (not jazz-y) influences. Dub for me but Og is the one at home

Aaron Ross: summer madness... love it..

DJ V: One of the best-ever releases on Loveslap in my opinion. Funky, soulful, deep, cultural, ALL THAT!! Each mix stands on its own very well and could be played in the same night to great effect. Will mos def get a lotta run from me.

Ian Friday: very beautiful piano work on this wonderful piece of music. Good job!

Phat Jack: Dub for me!!!!, this will do well on South African floors

Grant Nelson: Sexy

Halo: will be playing these for sure on my trip to South Africa

Andy Ward: all over this like sunblock on a ginger man !!

Lord JP: Loving this summer sizzler... The dub will be getting alot of attention on the dancfloors of London 4 sure. Deep, Afro Latin Jazz Vibes with a taste of Piano. Love It :-)

Delano Smith: Both tracks are great, but the dub works for me - great adult vibe. Will be running for sure! Thanks Loveslap!

Dj Disciple: Perfect for the summer vibe

Jellybean Benitez: SUMMER HEAT !!!

Deli-G: his is one for the summer 2010 Love it

Alan O: Wicked keys, wonderful piece of music, gonna airplay on the show this weekend, thanks guys!!

Dr. Bob Jone: Oh yes i